Coat Cooke

100 Years of Cinema

I had a great gig on this last Friday night at the Performance works in Vancouver. It was the second of two nights celebrating 100 years of sound in cinema. It was produced by Regis Painchaud and Lorraine Fortin of Vision Ouest.

The night I was involved featured Paul Plimley (piano), Marguerite Witvoet (piano) and Victoria Gibson (laptop). The evening was emceed by the wonderfully witty Mark Harris (a film critic/connoisseur).

I got to be one of the guests that evening. I played a piece from the David Cronenberg film, Naked Lunch (with Paul and bassist Tommy Babin).

It was an amazing evening, really. The music on the day featured music and films from 1960 to the present. It was disappointing that the house wasn't packed to the rafters, though it was fairly full.

A production like this should have been seen by more people.

I had a great time watching show and also getting the opportunity to participate in the whole venture as well. Kudos to all the performers.

Thanks Regis and Lorraine.