Coat Cooke

Coat Cooke Quartet Debut

I'm very excited about the debut gig of my new quartet on May 23, 2013 at X-site (the old El Barrio at 2270 East Hastings St.).

This band features the creative and driving guitarist Chad MacQuarrie. I've played with Chad for a number of years now in various

projects like my large ensemble, Orkestra Futura and my electric quintet Meta 5 - as well as his band Assertion. He brings great

integrity to everything he does and Chad never ever phones it in. He is truly a pleasure to play with.

Karlis Silins is newer to my musical world. We've played standards, improvised and recently played in the Orkestra Futura + Vancouver Electronic Ensemble.

I love how fluent Karlis is on acoustic and electric bass. He has a great sound, can play lyrically or hard driving and is a great listening improvisor. I'm really

excited to have him as the bass player in this new ensemble.

Joe Poole is probably the greatest drummer I've had the chance to work with. He is utterly committed to to the music and has a vocabulary encompassing

South Indian music, rock and funk, all eras of jazz language, as well as a beautiful sense of form and development as an improvisor. Anoher really exciting aspect

to his playing is his almost infinite sense of timbral nuance. Joe and I released a duo CD in 2012 called Conversations available for download at

We'll be playing some new pieces of mine like Yo Yo Yo (a.k.a. Shpilkes), My Penelope, some older tunes like Ranül, Open Movement #1 and  May Daze, and

a few standards like Epistrophy by Monk, The Clincher by David "Fathead" Newman, and Volunteered Slavery by Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

Come and hear the band ... you won't be disappointed.