Coat Cooke

Coat Cooke Trio @ The Vinegar Factory

So the promo blurb goes:

The Coat Cooke Trio is a powerful and sensitive beast with six ears and three hearts that does zero to sixty in the blink of an eye and turns on a dime or shifts dimensions with the breath of a thought. Conjurers of groove and sliders of circus dreams hunting for the surprises that lay in the next moment.

This is truly one of the most wonderful bands I've ever played with. Clyde Reed on bass is a unique and wonderful bassist that plays with deep soulfullness and Kenton Loewen on drums is a great story teller and accompaniest that makes things happen every time he plays. The evenings music is always full of surprises. I hope that you can make it out to hear one of our all too infrequent gigs.

We're playing at a little known venue that has sprung up in the last year, the Vinegar Factory.

A cool, intimate little venue. If you don't know it you'll be glad to get turned on to it.

Hope to see you there.

The details are:

The Vinegar Factory

1009 East Cordove St. (upstairs) near B.C. Sugar Refinery, just east of Clark a bit.

       1009 E Cordova St (upstairs) near B.C Sugar Refinery  

(photo Steve Bagnell)