Coat Cooke

Gabriola Island: The Net Loft

Had a great few days on Gabriola Island last weekend.

Mark Parlett (bass player and espresso maker extraordinaire) set up a gig

at The Net Loft (an amazing space right on the water) with a wonderful group

of musicians on August 25 and 26 - those beautiful balmy summer evenings.

I got to improvise a couple of evenings of music with DB Boyko/voice, Mark Parlett/bass, drum, flute

Christine Duncan/voice, Tony Wilson/guitar, Alex Varty/guitar, Andreas Kahre/percussion, and me on

tenor saxophone.

It really was a couple of nights that epitomized what improvised music is supposed to be about.

Stories told, generosity shown, joy indulged in, communication achieved, audience glowing.

Mark recorded the proceedings and I hope to hear them. He was happy about them. I'd love to post

them here in the future.