Coat Cooke

Somewhere There in Toronto

Had a truly wonderful gig at the loft called Somewhere There in Toronto this past Sunday. I played with Scott Thomson (trombone), Aaron Lumley (bass), Tilman Lewis (cello) and Clifton Joseph (poet). They're truly a gifted lot of improvisors and we had a great set. I've played with Scott once before, and I'm really knocked out with the depth of his playing. He's really a gifted improvisor. It was my first time playing with Tilman, and it was a pleasure to dig on his cello playing. Aaron Lumley is becoming a force on the scene here. I saw him playing in duo with violinist David Prentice opening for The Thing at the Tranzac the next night. I look forward to playing with him again. An Clifton Joseph ... man he should be performing more. He works as a producer, writer etc for CBC and so on ... would love to feel his performance vibe out in the world more. He has a wonderful way with words, a wicked sense of humour and playfullness and a fearless and scathing sense of personal and social observation. It was a pleasure to groove with him ... and all of them.

Toronto seems to be in a very dynamic time for improvisors. Lots of energy on the scene.